‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍What You Will See Next‍‍‍‍‍‍

The approved comprehensive parks master plan is one example of providing all the essentials and covering all the sports, activities, arts, culture and programs for Casselberry.  The city has acquired additional properties to properly expand both active and passive park activities.  


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Anthony’s passion for community building and planning landed him as the second Chairman of Casselberry Residents for Revitalization and as your seat one City Commissioner. His involvement includes experience as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner and Vice Mayor. Creative and resourceful in repurposing, he is hands‍‍‍ on with his projects improving Casselberry one neighborhood, one street, and one house at a time.  All projects done affordable and within budget. You will love and respect that Anthony is a positive person working cooperatively and with a team effort to attract good sustainable projects. He loves what he does, stands for good values and respects the residents. Don’t be surprised to see Anthony getting his hands dirty helping a city employee, with a sweaty task or supporting our Police Officers with a ride along.   Anthony is focused on helping Casselberry harness all of its resources to create a city we all can be proud of.  


Grass Roots ‍‍‍Driven

Residents, what we are doing in Casselberry is working. We are strong on re‍‍‍development with innovative public-private partnerships and inter-government agreements with the county.   We are smart on taxes by spending wisely and taxing fairly. We have been making infrastructure investments without any millage rate increases. Being kind to animal lovers by sponsoring legislation that regulates vicious animals. Support to seniors by having a dedicated police officer that helps seniors with elder abuse related issues. Tough on crime by supporting our city police force with resources for the long term. Green on the environment by preserving open space, improving the golf course, cleaning lakes and streams and having a comprehensive planning process that requires green space. Loyal to employees by respecting their service and professionalism with modern equipment and competitive pay. Finally, establishing a comprehensive parks master plan that includes everything that is required for a great parks system.


Anthony Aramendia

‍‍‍Born, raised and educated in Florida (a native) Anthony sees all the potential and opportun‍‍‍ities for Casselberry residents. He is experienced, educated and has demonstrated fairness in fulfilling the duties of Commissioner. Anthony was selected by his peers of other Cities/County to chair the Council of Local Governments. Additionally, he was asked to be a visiting facilitator for Leadership Seminole, a yearlong education program focused on the workings of government.  Personally, he enjoys refurbishing old houses and in his spare time volunteers to such organizations as: Habitat for Humanity, Seminole Cultural Arts Council, Friends of the Park, Earthfest, Leadership Seminole, and the Casselberry Santa Run. He has sweat equity in all of his projects. Being fluent in four languages he gets everyone working as a team.  Anthony knows all the neighborhoods in the city and he “gets it” in what it takes to create and keep a sustainable safe city.  You can have confidence he understands the planning, rebuilding and preserving process for community building.  

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‍‍‍Qualified and P‍‍‍roven‍‍‍

Working Well With Others‍‍‍‍‍‍

Our city employees, volunteers, current and past representatives have done a lot to foster positive change.‍‍‍ Mayor Glancy and Commissioners Huffords, Solomon, Miller, Fry and Meadows have worked with a spirit of “getting things done” and it’s working!  In this past year alone Casselberry surpassed by twofold most other cities with a 19 percent economic valuation increase in city limit to city limit valuation. This positive change can mean so much for business and good job growth. Expect more positive additions.

A Better Place For You

I made a commitment to make a difference with the organization, Better Casselberry Now. At the city everyone is grateful that residents and municipal experts continue to notice our efforts. Everyone I know is proud of our achievements thus far, most are aware our city is far from done in creating an environment of excellence. With Casselberry’s economic rebirth our city can have the resources to do more and all the while lower the individual tax burden. With all this positive news let’s keep the momentum going.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Seat 1 Casselberry Ci‍‍‍ty Commission

‍‍‍Anthony Ar‍‍‍amendia