I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Anthony on our Planning & Zoning Board before he was appointed to fill a vacancy on the City Commission. His vast experience with Habitat for Humanity and architectural background made him a valuable member. He knows the codes. He knows the City. He knows the residents. If you’ve ne‍‍‍ver met Anthony, just go to any one of the numerous events held around town. He’ll be there. Most likely volunteering in one way or another. He’s the type of Commissioner every City needs. Fortunately, he’s ours. For these and so many more reasons, I endorse Anthony Aramendia for City Commissioner, seat 1

Endorsement By

Nathan Van Meter (City of Cass‍‍‍elberry Planning & Zoning Commission)

Anthony is a commissioner who rolls up joe sleeves and works.  Whether it’s planting trees, helping a neighbor in need or making policy decisio‍‍‍ns at a commission meeting, Anthony is always attentive to those around him.

Endorsement By

Michelle Ertel‍‍‍

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Anthony is an extremely helpful‍‍‍ and hardworking gentleman. He spent over six hours at the end of the school year moving a total of four teachers from room to room. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to help without reward.

Endorsement By

Sandra Sim‍‍‍on‍‍‍









As a longtime resident, teacher, and elected official in Central Florida, I am pleased to offer you my endorsement for Casselberry City Commission, Seat 1.The city of Casselberry needs a voice of reason and common sense that is sincere in its purpose. Your dedication to the city and every civic endeavor wi‍‍‍thin in it is‍‍‍ in a class by itself. For years you have demonstrated a level of dedication to the community that shows the strength and sincerity of your commitment to the city as a whole. You are never afraid to speak your mind in defense of what is best for the city and its residents regardless if it popular or not. Your actions as a member of the city commission shows that you are not only devoted to what is presently happening in Casselberry but being proactive to prepare for what Casselberry is looking towards in the decades to come.It is with these reasons in mind that I am proud to offer you my endorsement. I wish you luck and Godspeed in your up-coming election.

Endorsement By

Ed Young, M.Ed - SSWCD Vice-Chair & Group 4 Supervisor

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Anthony over the years both on volunteer boards and in my official capacity as Property Appraiser for Seminole County.  Anthony has great leadership and vision skills.  Anthony's leadership on the Casselberry City Commission has lead to the renaissance that is now occurring in the City. We need to keep Anthony working for the people of Casselberry!

Endorsement By

David Johnson (Seminole County Property‍‍‍ Appraiser)

I have worked with Anthony Aramendia on the Casselberry City commission for the past 6 years. Anthony is without question one of the best Commissioners the City of Casselberry has ever had.  Vote for Anthony ‍‍‍at the primary starting August 18‍‍‍, 2018!!!!

Endorsement By

Sandi Solomo‍‍‍n‍‍‍

My name is Desiree Sampson, a single mother of two boys. I’d love to share my opinion of Anthony when I was doing home improvements with him. I did some home improvement work a few years ago. I found myself working with Anthony for a good portion of that job. My first impression of Anthony was here is a friendly good hard-working man, he did not refrain from getting his hands dirty and helping out. Now that I have known Anthony for a few years it’s the values instilled in him that shine through. It is refreshing and uplifting to speak to Anthony. We often have the same views on certain subjects. What I admire most is his compassion to share his ideas and take the time to listen to opposing thoughts. I’m glad that when there’s a job to be done Anthony is there on The job helping .

Endor‍‍‍sement By

Desiree Sampson‍‍‍

I first worked closely with Anthony Aramendia in 2009.  I've been teaching Chemistry at Lyman for twenty years now, but I still don't know mu‍‍‍ch about home improvement.  Anthony helped me gut and renovate a house I'd bought.  Anthony came by every day to show me how to do different tasks, or do the things himself that a novice couldn't possibly do.  There was no contract, just a nebulous 'pay me what you think is fair'.  I assumed it was a favor for a shared friend.  Its only now, almost ten years later, that I realize that there was no favor.  Thats just what Anthony does.  He helps people, and he does it by adding value to the environment.  He does it with Habitat For Humanity, helping people get into homes, just like he did with me.  He does it with the Casselberry City Commission.  He aggressively pursued grants and new development, resulting in Casselberry's tax base growing at two or even three times the rate of neighboring communities.  It has been a stroke of amazing luck that Anthony put down roots in Casselberry and not Longwood, or Oviedo. Lets be thankful and capitalize on our good fortune. Vote For Anthony Aramendia.

Endorsement By

Mark Baxter

Anthony Aramendia is the clear choice for Seat 1 he is invested in Casselberry. He has worked tirelessly to make Casselberry a better place. Anth‍‍‍ony adds value to Casselberry, his volunteer work is to be admired. It’s easy to sit back and complain but I have seen Anthony out in the community working alongside his neighbors making a difference. He has earned my respect, admiration and most certainly my VOTE.

Endorsement By

David Henson

As long as I've known Anthony (somewhere between 15-20 years), he's been working on fixing up houses in Casselberry. At the same time, he volunteered to work on our parks and open space. More than going to meetings, he put a lot of sweat equity into our city. The best thing is that he didn't stop, he only expanded his efforts to ‍‍‍help the city more. The best of all, he builds bridges between diverse groups--and people of different languages.

Endorsement By

Lilian Carroll

Anthony really cares about making Casselberry a beautiful place. Anthony is the best candidate for seat 1 of Casselberry, and I know he will do everything he can to help continue to make the city of Casselberry a great place for people to live in.

‍‍‍Endorsem‍‍‍ent By

Ted Weeks

I enthusiastically endorse Commissioner Aramendia for the Casselberry City Commission. He has helped to transform our city with smart growth initiatives fused with economic development opportunities all with the botto‍‍‍m line of what is in the best interests of the citizens and taxpayers he serves.

Endorsement By

Jon Miller-former Casselberry City Commissioner

Anthony es un tremendo servidor de la comunidad. Se ha dedicado a promover la diversidad en Casselberry y sobre todo, lucha por enriquecer la calidad de vida.

Endorsement By

‍‍‍Yadira Caro

Whenever Anthony and I talk, I am always impressed by his knowledge and perspective. Historically, he knows where Casselberry has been. However more importantly he understands what it will take for the city to be competitive in the Central Florida region going forward. The city has a unique opportunity over the next few years to become more of a vibrant community, and Anthony is the person that can help make that happen. He understands the area not only as it relates to simple real estate values but also in regards to the citizens that live in Casselberry.

Endorsement By

Ken Dicks‍‍‍on

I don’t know of anyone more selfless and giving. Always ready to help, always there. Anthony knows the people of the City and the county. He works hard to bring positive change to enrich the lives of our residents. From rehabbing homes (on his own, by his own hand), to working with Habitat for Humanity. When residents complain, he listens AND acts. Sometimes he’s the only one acting. Not long ago, residents were complaining that our trails were dirty with all kinds of trash dumped and expected the city to take care of it. On a holiday weekend, my husband and I set out with our own tools and supplies to clean up a portion and announced it to the community (the same ones complaining). The only people who came to assist were Anthony and another city employee and his partner and using their personal vehicle, hauled the trash to the dump. We worked for hours, in the rain, braving snakes, spiders, thorns, and mud. Anthony is heavily involved in bringing the Arts to our city and community at large. He’s always part of any City event. I’ve never encountered a more positive, selfless, and giving person.

Endorseme‍‍‍nt By

‍‍‍Ana Van Meter